Itís the “Smart Cart” that has everything you need, and nothing you donít. Using advanced miniaturization technology and Olympus opto-electronics, the EUS EXERA system is a complete endoscopic and endosonographic procedural center. Designed specifically for endoscopy, this system, right down to the narrow cart size, is designed to give you exactly everything you need for endoscopic diagnosis and EUS-guided FNA.

The EUS EXERA is a modular system. Thus, as your endoscopy practice expands, you can build onto this single cart for “one-cart endoscopy.” Start with the complete setup or just the EU-M60 and GF-UM160 with full 360ļ scanning for complete diagnostic EUS capabilities. It is also easy to add the MAJ-935 system for standard radial and Dual Plane Reconstruction (DPR) probe imaging. And, for growing demands, the EU-C60 can easily be added for FNA capabilities. You decide what meets your needs.

Seamless integration.
Versatile applications.
Superior optical and ultrasound imaging.

The EUS EXERA system is the “Smart Cart” for every endoscopic and endosonographic need.

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