Olympus EndoTherapy Tissue Acquisition Sampling


As an endoscope manufacturer, Olympus produces high-quality biopsy forceps that help to minimize any chance of channel damage, while working towards maximizing clinical effectiveness. 

EndoJaw Disposable Biopsy Forceps

EndoJaw Disposable Biopsy Forceps
  • Proprietary sheath exterior designed to reduce surface friction and enable smooth insertion through the endoscope channel
  • Flexible sheath designed for easier passability through an angled endoscope without using excessive force
  • Specially designed “Swing Jaws” for easier targeting during a tangential biopsy approach
  • Designed from stainless steel, which is the material of choice for precision medical devices
  • “Step” cup design combines grip of alligator forceps with the clean cut of traditional forceps

SnareMaster Polypectomy Snare

SnareMaster Polypectomy Snare
  • Provides a more tactile feel that may reduce the risk of cutting too quickly
  • Original SnareMaster features a thicker diameter wire designed to provide a slow and controlled cut and help minimize bleeding with coagulation
  • SnareMaster Soft features a softer, more pliable wire so less force may be needed to open and close the loop
  • SnareMaster Spiral features a twisted wire designed to snag the mucosa preventing slippage when a mucosal lesion is captured

To order endoscopic devices or request an in-person demonstration, contact an Olympus EndoTherapy representative by calling 800.387.0437.

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