New V-System for ERCP

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Elevate your Expectations

With its expanded selection of devices, including distally wire-guided and over-the-wire design, the new V-System from Olympus gives you the options you need, when you need them. The new TJF-Q180V duodenoscope features a newly designed guidewire locking mechanism that broadens the range of scope positions in which the guidewire can be securely locked.

Now you can treat with confidence and have the freedom to choose.

Dual Locking Mechanism Securely Locks 0.025” and 0.035” Guidewires

Completely redesigned to ensure greater reliability and flexibility, the TJF-Q180V duodenoscope has a dual locking mechanism, which is optimized to lock both 0.025” and 0.035” guidewires.

Broad Selection of V-System Devices

The V-System is an open system, which includes distally wire-guided and over-the-wire devices to suit a wide variety of techniques. Each V-System device features three unique components that are designed to make the flow of the ERCP as smooth as possible.

a few examples of V-System features: V-Sheath, C-Hook, and V-Marking

The V-Sheath and C-Hook allow the physician to choose how they would like to take control of the device. The V-Marking indicates when to raise and lower the elevator, facilitating easy device exchange.

Normal image versus NBI image showing greater definition using NBI.

Excellent Image Quality

The TJF-Q180V duodenoscope incorporates a high-resolution CCD that delivers the sharp, clear images that Olympus is known for, displaying them in a large screen size for easy viewing. Advanced Narrow Band Imaging capability is also supported with this scope.

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What physicians are saying about the new V-System:

I consider the TJF-Q180V to be the new gold standard in ERCP technology. The development of the V-System by Olympus offers the freedom to choose between long and short-wire approaches and solo endoscopy vs. assistant-aided guidewire manipulation. In my experience, the enhanced V-System allows for faster device exchanges, less fluoroscopy time, and single operator manipulation of the guidewire during cannulation, translating into a potential reduction in complications such as pancreatitis.

David R. Lichtenstein, MD, director of endoscopy at Boston Medical Center

The new V-System works extremely well. It is very reliable in locking the wire and allowing a fast and easy exchange. The C-Hook and the V-Sheath on the V-System devices provides the flexibility of allowing either the tech or me to have control of the wire. I am very impressed with the improvements of this system.

Dr. Jose Nieto, Gastroenterologist, Florida Hospital

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