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Who We Are: Corporate Philosophy

In all our business operations, we strive to play an integral role in society, sharing its values and working to create new value to help people around the world have healthier and more fulfilling lives.

This is the essence of the Olympus management philosophy of Social IN. As a member of society, Olympus places the utmost importance on its relationships with individuals. Accordingly, Olympus has adopted Social IN, a management philosophy that embraces social values as an essential part of its business ideology.

Olympus was founded with the declared purpose of manufacturing microscopes that would garner recognition in the global market. The impetus for this drive was a deep sense of duty to help advance medical development through the domestic manufacture of microscopes.

Since then, Olympus confirmed its position as a camera manufacturer and developed gastrocameras. Following this achievement, Olympus made a number of dreams come true through the application of Opto-Digital Technology, an area of core competence that integrates longstanding optical technology and state-of-the-art digital technology.

"Your Vision, Our Future" embodies our determination to realize dreams in a close bond with society while coexisting in harmony. Based on this corporate slogan, Olympus is pursuing innovation in order to become a company where all stakeholders, including shareholders, clients and employees, are proud of the Olympus brand.


Realization of Social IN

We aim towards establishing firm ties with the society through the three IN's

The Olympus Group, blending with society as a whole, and sharing its sense of values, proposes new values through its business conduct and thereby pursuing and securing a healthy, happy, more meaningful life for mankind.
This is "Social IN" and it describes the basic Olympus philosophy underlying all our activities.

Opto-Digital Technology

During this time of unprecedented change, we are concentrating our energies on areas where we can excel, not simply compete. Even if an opportunity appears profitable, we have to think first of our long-term prospects and the social effects.

Our greatest strength is our leadership in Opto-Digital Technologies - an integration of our advanced optical technologies and the latest digital technologies. Not only the key to creating value in years past, Opto-Digital Technologies will define our future as well. From digital cameras and endoscopes to microscopes and industrial equipment, every Olympus product is a reflection of this core competence.

Even as we have reorganized our business processes, our domain has stayed constant. Bolstered by its demonstrated abilities, Olympus is ready to take the lead in Opto-Digital systems. For us, creation and innovation are watchwords, both in technology development and corporate value.

Your Vision, Our Future

A young doctor posed a simple question: "Can't a camera manufacturer come up with a gastrocamera?" He came to Olympus with a mission to save as many people as possible from stomach cancer. By 1950, our engineers had completed a gastrocamera through trial and error to help this young doctor realize his dream.

The idea behind the slogan "Your Vision, Our Future" is to thoroughly understand the dreams and wishes of our customers, and to create products through never-ending research. This is the fundamental spirit of our corporate activities that has endured since our founding.

From endoscopes that help save lives, to digital cameras that stimulate emotions, and products that provide security and peace of mind, Olympus continues R&D activities under an integrated global structure. Not content to let dreams remain only a dream, Olympus believes that its mission is to take on challenges and create new value in the world.

"Your Vision, Our Future"

Turning People's Ideas and Dreams into Reality